Change or remove Error Message

I have a vision application that has 9 stations with 9 HMIs.

The customer has requested that station 9 only be accessible from station 9’s HMI. Other stations should be able to view station 9 but I need to remove the ability to “mess” with station 9 on the other HMIs.

I have a banner across the top of the screen for the 9 stations to select each station.
First I created some client tags for the IP address and made some tags for Client in use. I tied these tags into scripting on the main navigation."[client]CurrentHMIInUse/Station2HMI")
if Station2HMI==1:

The only problem is that the error message that pops up when you are on the wrong screen is not operator friendly. It is the red popup box that says.

“Error writing to tag(s): Gateway Comm Mode is not Read/Write.”

I know this will confuse operators. Is the only solution to do everything through Security?

Cancel that. I will just make a popup window that warns the operator they do not belong on the other screen and attempts to try buttons on other screens will be deactivated.