Change perspective dock height in runtime

Is there a way to change the height of a dock at runtime?

For instance I am creating a shared header that shows system messages on each page, for example when a database connection is faulted. The view for that header is a table and it may have 1 row or N number of rows based off the number of faulted databases. I can default the view to a height of 30, but if I have two rows I would like to change the height of the docked window to 60. I am able to change the height of the view itself easy enough, but when putting it in the docked window I cant seem to find a way to make it dynamic or set it at runtime via scripting.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
Keith G.

You’re not missing anything; there is no dynamic modification of Docked View properties at runtime. I don’t know if there are reasons why we can’t or haven’t included the option to specify dimensions through the scripting function, but you could always post in the ideas forum.

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