Change row color of a table based on another table

I have seen alot of discussion on here about how to use getBackGroundAt or Backgroud Color List to change the color of a row based on a column value in the table you are displaying.

Is it possible to change the color of a row based on a value of another database table? I have a “production” table that has all the info for each coat along with the coat number for each part loaded into the system. In another table (hangers) I am tracking all of the parts, their location and what coat they are on. I would like to “highlight” the current coat and grey out the previous coats on the table that is displaying the “production” table.

I’m guessing you are using a SQL Query binding on a Power Table to display your data. I would probably add a field to the Select statement called bgColor and assign the color based on a value from the hangers table and hide that column in the Power Table. Then, you can look at bgColor in the configureCell extension function and return the appropriate color from there.

Yes, I should have said that, I am using a SQL binding. I will give that idea a try and see how I have out.

I have also considered making a custom property called CurrentCoat that will hold the info and use the background extension to change the color.

I am also looking to use a button press to allow the table to be edited along with changing the color so that the user visably can see that it isn’t editable. Do you have any suggestions for that.

Are you referring to this thread? Write changes on a button press

I had changed how I wanted to go about doing it. And wasn’t clear in my follow up question. I apologize. I have got it working like I wanted. Thank you for your help both times.