Change Schema Name

I never changed my original DB schema name when I first started to use Ignition, so it is still named test. Is there any danger in renaming it as long as I update the DB connection in the Ignition gateway?

Any scripts or otherwise that are using that DB in any way other than assuming it is the default?

For instance:

system.db.runQuery("YOUR QUERY",'test')

There is the risk that a significant portion of things could stop working because the DB named ‘test’ doesn’t exist any longer.

Also any scripts in the gateway context where the database name is required would need to be updated.

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If you leave the DB connection name untouched and ONLY change the name of the schema in the database, then the only risk I can think of off the top of my head is breaking any queries that call out the schema name directly. Example:

SELECT col1, col2 FROM test.table1

I made sure all named queries etc uses <default> connection (where applicable) just to be sure. :slight_smile: