Change "selected" Y-axis scale in easy chart

It would be nice if you could choose, through the vision client, which Y-axis on the easy chart was drawn on the left hand side and had the grid on the chart dynamicly by clicking on the different axis. For example, if there are 4 different Y-axis on a chart, then one is on the left side and the grid that is drawn on the chart is only for that axis. If you could click on one of the other 3 on the right hand side and that would send it to the left hand side and draw in the appropriate grid lines. That way, you wouldn’t have to turn the pens off to see the grid lines for the pen you are interested in.

yeah I would like to see something a little better for the axis in the easy chart.

in wonderware’s standard trend chart, you can cycle thru the axis for each tag by clicking on the axis itself. the axis would change colors to correspond to the tags color on the chart. another cool feature in their trend chart is that you can adjust the axis high and lo with sliders that are built on to the axis. so you can essentially cycle thru each tag and adjust its axis on the fly which makes seeing what happened easy when comparing two tags that have much different ranges.

Yeah, these are good ideas. The easy chart could use a whole host of features that allow for more customization by the user in the client.