Change session closed default page

I enabled Automatic Inactivity Detection in the project properties and the action to Closed Session. Right now when the session is closed, it redirects to

Is there a way to redirect it to a custom page or view?

Not currently, but you can customize the text in Project Properties.

There are a few semi-related ideas on the ideas page already:

Is there a way to remove the “Launch gateway” button? I don’t want users to access the gateway page, only to kill their session.

I would also like to know if there is a way to remove the "Launch Gateway" button. I would like to instead have a Login button that would allow you to try to log back into the same project, and keep the gateway screen hidden from end users. Is this doable in 8.1?

You are asking for security by obscurity, which has a really bad reputation. Users should not be able to login to the gateway. If you've closed that potential security hole, what's the problem?

If your scenario is multiple clients of a hosted solution seeing each others' projects, then you are on your own. That is an explicitly unsupported use of Ignition. You might be able to achieve what you want by putting a suitable filtering reverse proxy in front of Ignition.

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Thanks @pturmel for your input. Rest assured, it didn't involve multiple clients! But this test project used no login to launch a Perspective session.