Change single label color in xy Chart

Good morning,
I would like to set the labels forecolor of the Y chart differently in an xy chart in Perspective.
In particular I need to change the color from white to red if I have a bool condition.

Should be possible?

Create an expression binding on,

The expression binding would look something like,
if({[default]myBool}, "red", "white")

Hi @Transistor, actually I would like to change the single label, I have something like this in the Yaxis

For example I need to turn red only the 04 or 06

If you check with your browser's Developer Tools I think you will see that there is no unique identifier on each of the labels. That implies that it wouldn't be possible to target one of them for a color change.

Since it's an XY Chart you might be able to add another datasource and draw a triangle closed shape to point at the relevant label from inside the chart area.

Yes you're right, I check with the Developer Tools and I see nothing, but maybe I was missing something.

This is an interesting thing, but you mean I could add something like an icon connected to the label or add a new series with the same Yaxis?

This one. It should be easy if the X-axis render mode is set to value. For category or date rendering it wouldn't work. (Maybe it would for date if it accepts time values as well.)

In my case I have catergory in the Yaxis and date in the Xaxis, so it looks quite hard to do. That's a pity.

Thank you for your help :+1:t2:

Found an easy solution. Category axis label support in-line TextFormatter.

Example with sample XY chart data.


@Ujwal_Wankhede, this is so simple! I've already implemented it

Thank you too for the help