Change state of button when pressed

How do I get a push button to show depressed when clicked on by mouse?

What version of Ignition are you using?

This should be happening automatically, though it’s a bit subtle in the look and feel of Ignition 8.

I am using version 8.0.15
The button is a Component Scripting button.
When I preview the application I do not see any change of state on the button, when I click on it with the mouse

Is this in Vision? Did you set an opaque any background? If so, IIRC, that’s a known bug.

Yes this is in Vision…

Phil’s right, there is an outstanding issue with button states for buttons that have a custom background color.

We have a small collection of 8.0 Look and Feel issues that should be getting some attention soon.

Right now if you set it to have some transparency, it’ll work in the meantime while waiting for a proper solution. 60% transparency from memory was good.

Whoops, didn’t realise this was posted 11months ago. Not sure if this has been fixed yet

In v8.1.8 RC1 is … better… I wouldn’t say fixed, but better…