Change Tag Name through Text Input Field

First question of the day! For context, we are using a powerchart to display information based on the tags the user select using the tag browser. My boss wants to give the user to change the name of the tag through a Text Input Field. Attached is an image of where I would place the text input field, and the name of the tag in which I would to alter. The text input field is Pressure1 PSIA , I am aware that it is not intuitive, will address that once I can get the tag name change working. Thanks in advance!

This is a bad idea. Tag names should be considered constant, because they're the identifier used throughout the rest of the system.
If you want to change a 'display name' for a tag, use a custom property attached to the tag.

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How would i go about that?

You could start with a UDT that contains your pressure value and an editable string for a text description.

You can add a custom property to like this:

Then a bidirectional binding on your text field.


Or utilize the toolTip field on the tag and then you just have to read that part of the tag and use it to display an end user friendly tag description.

There is an open request on the ideas site just for this :wink: