Change Text Field disabled color

Is there a way to change the background color of a Text Field when it is disabled? I tried an expression, but there is not ‘componentEnabled’ property to use like there is in scripting.

I am using Ignition version 7.8.4.

I worked around this by adding a Boolean Custom Property to the container and then tying the background and foreground colors to the custom property. The custom property is easily managed by binding it to events, object attributes or in script.
Here are the binding expressions that I have in one of my text fields:
foreground Color Binding Expression = if({Root Container.cellEnabled}=0,color(255,255,0),color(0,0,0))
background Color Binding Expression = if({Root Container.cellEnabled}=0,color(255,0,0),color(255,255,255))

Do you also toggle the Text Field’s enabled property, or do you rely solely on the custom root property?

Yes, depending on the application I use bindings to enable/disable text fields, buttons, and other controls as well as expressions for buttons and labels. Letting Ignition manage state through bindings means that you don’t have to write script for every click or tag change event. It’s a balancing act / trade-off between managing script that traps every user event or maintaining small parts and pieces in individual components.
Binding Expressions are an easy, robust way to manage details without getting them tangled up in processing logic.
Here are a couple of random examples.

Text Expression on a label:
if({Root Container.Power Table Cells.selectedRow}>=0,
‘Cell: ’ + {Root Container.selectedCell} + ’ Configuration:’,
‘Select a Cell to Configure.’)

Enabled Expression on a button:
{Root Container.Power Table Cells.selectedRow}>=0

Image Path Expression on a button:
if( {Root Container.cellState}=‘Disabled’, ‘Builtin/icons/24/lightbulb.png’, ‘Builtin/icons/24/lightbulb_on.png’)