Change the default tag group when making a new Tag

My question was already asked but another person but I can not find any answer to the question.

For naming consistency in my project, I deleted the ‘default’ tag group and created a few others in its place. When I go to create a new tag i want the default tag group to be different

You can change that from within the project in the designer, or on the gateway webpage.

  • Designer: Project --> Project Properties --> Project/General
  • Gateway: Config --> Projects --> Edit

Um, no. The OP is asking about a default tag group. The only project property relating to tags is the default tag provider.

Wow, scanned over that question too quick… Time for a nap :sleeping:

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I made a Tag group called “Leased” and I want “Leased” to be the default when you create a new tag.
right now when create a new tag the tag group in tag editor under basic properties

says “default”

Ideally, the defaults for all tag properties would be made available to edit :slight_smile: sounds like a good idea for the ideas site. If you want to do the honours, it’s all yours, otherwise I can add it