Change the default update behavior to be like Vision's

I’m wondering if there is a way to change the default update behavior for Perspective sessions (so that it would be more like Vision’s updates). Even though you can set a timer to delay updates, sometimes it would be nice not to update until the user has submitted a form, extracted some useful data, etc.

Right now, I have the timer set to 30 minutes because one of our Perspective projects has a substantial amount of forms for data collection, and if the session updates during a user entering data, they lose all of their work (yes, some users take longer than that… sigh… clearly some people didn’t take Mavis Beacon seriously). The form is designed to be quick to fill out, but also allows line items to be added, and some users add 60 line items and then complain that they lost their work.

Another thing: Is there a way to change how the update banner works? It is quite intrusive and it would be nice to be able to customize where the alert comes up (ie docked at the top or bottom, floating, etc) and how it looks like. I personally like the Alert-style update banner that Vision has.

These changes would be nice, but they aren’t crucial, of course.

While I think having form input take over 30 minutes is probably a problem to solve outside of the project update banners behavior, these two requests could be made in to propose the changes.

You could link your submission here as well so other forum users could vote on it as well.

Hope that helps,
Jonathan C

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clearly some people didn’t take Mavis Beacon seriously

IGN Score 0/10

I’m a big fan of The Typing of the Dead. They should put that in the curriculum

Z-Type is pretty lit too if you just want to run something in your browser

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