Change the File Upload component style


I was wondering if its possible to change the style or buildup of the File Upload component to make it look more like a simple button you can press instead of generating a popup that you need to click before you can upload a file.
From what I've read earlier it has a breakpoint so if I scale it up, the browse button shows, but I didn't find any way to change the breakpoint size so I can keep it in button form instead of the cloud symbol that makes a popup.

I checked a bit, and I doubt you can do anything about it without javascript.
You'll need to wait for IA to allow configuration of the breakpoint...

Maybe you can try making your own button, using the system.file.* functions ?

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Thanks for the reply,
yeah that was what I feared. It's ok, ill just keep it as is until breakpoint configuration is available from IA then.

I was thinking of the system.file.* method already but it would be quite a massive workaround I think as I would need to create a browse function to get the filepath etc.

Why do you think this would work? Ignition doesn't have scripted access to a Perspective client's file system. The few functions in that group that actually work do so because they access the gateway filesystem. The ones the open dialogs only work in Vision. That's why you need to have an upload button.

Right, I forgot about this. I don't think I've ever had to use those functions...

In my case I "could" made this work as I am just trying to use its as a way to store and load chart configurations so in theory I could probably save a Json on the gateway and create some sort of browse function to find all the JSON files on the gateway, but I feel like this would be such a workaround an probably a huge security risk.

Sounds like a job for a database.

We have so many different users that manage different parts of the plant so the current solution of storing a JSON configuration locally on each persons system works really good for our application.

The users have said they like the way its handled, they just think its annoying with the extra popup that appears over the entire screen because the breakpoint of the component