Change the Perspective Table row background color based on the one column's data value

Hai all,

This is my table i need to change the color based on the value of status.
If the Status=Open the color of the row is red ,Status=In Progress Color is yellow and the Status is Delegated the color is green

Please suggest your idea to do like this

Thanks in advance

vision or perspective

Please add the appropriate Vision or Perspective tag to your question. The answer will depend on which you are using.

in perspective

I don't think you can do this by row but you can do it by cell.
CSS border-width specifies the width of top, right, bottom, left borders in that order.
You will need to do a transform on your data to create a JSON document as shown below.

For more see

Use JSON formatted data for your table.

Each row should be a pair of style / value objects. The style will apply to the entire row.
The value for the row should be an object containing the data for each cell in the row.

Each cell can similarly be defined as a pair of style / value objects.

In the example screen shot, there are two rows, with three cells (country, city, population).

The first row has no style specified (background color and classes are blank).
The second row has a style for a solid red 3px border.

On the first row, the cell for the city has an orange background applied.