Change the position of an already open popup view (perspective)

Is there any way to change the position of an open popup window (preferably through scripting)?

I have a small popup that sits in the bottom corner that I want to nudge upwards 40 pixels if the user opens a toolbar.

Just close and reopen popup again with new position.
This is so fast which user doesn’t notice closing and opening.

hrm ok I was thinking of something like that, thanks.

Do you know if there’s anyway to open a popup with its position relative to an open view? or to have the popup be contained within a view? right now I’m hard coding the left position of my popup with adding in the width of the docked view, but really the popup should just be only opening in my main view (never over the docked view).

Could take a screenshot of your GUI. I need to know why do you need it.
For example each time when your view open put it’s x y position in session props and then when you want open popup use that coordinate.

hrm I’m not allowed to share a screenshot publicly, but I’ll see where I get with that idea. thanks!