Change the properties of the project update notification

Is there any way to adjust the properties of the update notification? We use Hope Industrial touch screens and our operators are having a hard time “pressing” the update banner because it’s so thin. We would like to keep the “Notify” option so we can update the clients without interrupting the operators. Is there a way to make the banner wider or make it a popup?

Thank you

There are two update modes you can use: notify or push. By default notify is set which gives you the banner that you have to press. If you use the push mode the client will automatically update. You won’t get a banner at the top. The setting is in the designer under Project > Properties from the menu. Under Client > General you will see radio buttons for Notify and Push.

Thank you for replying so fast.

I am aware of the Push/Notify setting, my question is about the notification banner that the client sees after a new version has been published.

Is there a way to alter the banner? ie. Make it wider or make it a popup

Thank you

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No, there are not other settings for that banner right now. I would recommend going to push mode if you are having troubles with it in touchscreen mode.