Change udt member name of udt when instance

I want to create a UDT structure that has several level of udt inside it.
For each instance the udt member have different tag name.
For example:
I have Airompresor & Motor UDT.
The Motor is UDT which is each air compressor UDT instance has a unique name.
How can I do this in ignition? I don’t want to use folder structure.

What you want seems to be diametrically opposed to what UDTs do. You’ll have to use folders to hold the tags that have unique names per instance.

Isn’t it possible to use udt parameters as tag members?

How about creating a “name” property for your Motor UDT?
AirCompressor1.Motor.Name = “1245A”
AirCompressor2.Motor.Name = “1267A”

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If you don’t want to use folders then you have to create a UDT for each Air compressor instance you want. You can’t dynamically add instances of your motor UDT to the Air Compressor UDT.

AirCompressor1 UDT
    Motor123 (Motor UDT)
    Motor456 (Motor UDT)

AirCompressor2 UDT
    Motor987 (Motor UDT)
    Motor876 (Motor UDT)
    Motor765 (Motor UDT)

Why do you oppose a folder?