Change user password from Perspective session

Has anyone found a solution to allow users to change their passwords from a Perspective session?
I am using the internal user source profile.
Ignition V8.1.1

I created an example in the attached view: view.json (7.1 KB)

Take a look at the “Change Password” button’s onClick event script

Thanks, that works great.
I made some changes so it gets current user so they can only change there password and added a transform so the validation reads “credentials validated” not “true”.

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How do you import the view that @jspecht provided (view.json)? I keep getting “The project file chosen could not be imported” errors.

You might have already found an answer to this by now but just in case (or anyone else who stumbles on this), if you copy the JSON text in that file and then Shift + Right-Click on a view in the Project Browser, it gives you the option to Paste JSON. Note that this will overwrite anything you have in the view that you are pasting into.