Change Vision client window form another client?

I am looking for some guidance on changing the window of one vision client from another. All my clients auto log and are restricted. I would like to be able to log into vision and then change the window of a display client that has no keyboard, or anything attached.

Create a Vision Client Message handler. Send that client a message.

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Make a 'management' page that has scripting to invoke system.util.sendMessage.

In your client project, have a message handler that invokes a window swap/whatever other operation in response to the message payload.

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Thas it? Just send the script to swap the windows?

No, the script is in or is called from the message handler, which is part of the project. The caller can supply a payload (data), for an infinite variety of responses.

OK, well thanks guys. Easy enough. I would have never thought of that. I was way over thinking that assuming it was going to be a bunch of client tags.