Change Vision Dropdown Component to show items above component as well

I’m hoping that this will be possible by changing the ComboBox renderer or model…

We have an HMI and a drop down component on a popup. We have already increased the height of the underlying combobox items by modifying the renderer and the model to accommodate “fat fingers”. However, our customer has also asked if it’s possible to have the items list span the height of the screen so they can more easily select items from a list that has ~30-40 items in it without always having to click many times on the scrollbar.

I’d like to go from the 1st image (normal display) to the 2nd image:

E.g. the listbox is extended to the top and bottom of the screen, effectively covering the combobox itself.

Thanks in advance!

Link to existing script to change the renderer and model to increase height:

Consider faking it with a label and icon that looks like a drop-down, but instead just makes a listbox visible on top of everything. Selection in the listbox writes the new value back to the fake dropdown and hides itself again. (:

I did consider this, however I’d like to use this solution for other projects as well, so it would be nice to just be able to add it into my existing class that edits the renderer & model. I’d also like to use it for more than just one drop down so it’d be far cleaner with a scripted solution :crossed_fingers:
I also can’t use this as the dropdown is actually included within a template that has limited height, which is embedded onto the popup window. It’s only maybe 20% the height of the popup, and 15% the height of the screen.

They should enhance more features, I am considering if we are able to use third part UI module like Bootstrap to beautify our pages.

If you reallly want it to be reusable, you could make it a custom module :slight_smile:
That also gets you some significant benefits in terms of customization that just aren’t possible from the runtime.

I’d like to try making a module, but I just don’t have the Java knowledge I think I’d need :frowning:. So I’m guessing it’s not possible from the runtime? (Or too difficult)

Theoretically, I believe the “right” way to extend it would be to set a custom UI class on the comboboxes you want to open in this mode - that custom UI would override the dimension settings and force the combobox to take up the full screen height. See the second example here:

Awesome, I’ll have a look, thanks :slight_smile: