Change Y-Axis label, format on Bar Chart?


I’m still pretty new to Ignition, so this may have already been answered. A search through the forum hasn’t yielded any good results for me, though.

I’m having some problems figuring out how to modify the Y-axis label on the Bar Chart object. It’s stuck at the default “Energy (mW)”. Any suggestions on how to customize this? Property Editor only has Name, Data, Extract Order, Chart Type, Colors, and Vertical toggle.


In the Property Editor window, you should see a little filter icon at the top with the letter “B”, meaning it is only showing the Basic properties. If you click the small dropdown arrow to the right of that, you can select “All”. This will show all properties for the Bar Chart component in the Property Editor window. You will then be looking for the “Value Axis Label” property.

Hope this helps,

Thank you! This helped.