Changed server name before installing Ignition, still see references to the old name?


Any ideas as to why I still see a reference to the old server name? Specifically when I add a remote gateway to the Gateway Network.
I have a new VM that was renamed from the old name to the new before installing ignition (it was rebooted and confirmed that DNS had propagated correctly).
On the new GW, I configure an outgoing connection to the main server; the main server sees an incoming request from the new GW, but it shows the old name.

I have confirmed that:

  • The server has the correct server name
  • There are no hard-coded entries in the Host file on either the main server or the new GW
  • DNS resolution is working and resolving properly to the new name
  • The server name in GW Settings on the new GW is the correct one
  • On the main server, under …/Igntion/data/certificates/, once I accept the incoming conn. request, it creates a cert for the new connection, with the incorrect name



IA Support to the rescue:

  • Stop the GW Service
  • Delete these files (make sure you can see hidden files (in Windows Explorer):
  • Start GW Service



Thanks for coming back to post the solution.