Changes being lost

We have been experiencing a strange behavior where we believe program changes are being lost. We first noticed it when we were developing an HMI app and two of use where working on it from different locations. We thought that was the reason and started making an effort to not have the project open in more than one designer at the same time. We have since seen the same behavior in apps that are controlled by only one person. We have tried to chalk it up to poor memory or improper saving but I have had bugs that I have fixed return as much as a week later. When I go in to where I made a fix, it is the old code and I have to modify it again. Has anyone else seen this?

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Do you work directly on production or do you have a development gateway and a production gateway?

If you work directly on production, my thought is someone else tried to fix something, messed up, restored the latest (non-recent) backup and now your old fixes are gone.

If you’re on Ignition 8.0 or higher, you can directly monitor your filesystem for changes - that’s the “source of truth” for all project resource definitions.

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You mean like this? Naw, never. Definitely not enough for me to replicate the issue and make a YouTube video

Fortunately I haven’t seen this in 8.x

Oof. Is that on a late-model 7.9 version, or something older (:crossed_fingers:)?

I want to say that was 7.9.8. The video is from 2018 and I used it to open a support ticket. (it’s an unlisted video).

That’s one of the several support tickets I opened to use as evidence for convincing management it was past time to upgrade–which we did in 2020. So yeah I dealt with that for 2 years. Management’s solution deadass was to “save less often.”

We went to 7.9.12 but I left shortly after and the company I’m with now is on 8 so I can’t say it was fixed one way or another but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t

Also could be coincidence but I noticed less problems working over RDP vs remote designer session

I have noticed issues with changes being lost in version 8.0.x. When I switched back and forth between open templates, changes I’d made to one would be lost. It seemed to even happen if I saved them without closing them first. I developed the habit of closing things I’d been working on (like a Vision template), then saving, and then switching to look at another template. Since developing that habit, I haven’t noticed lost changes.

I’d have to try getting back out of this habit to see if the issue is reproducible now, but it bit me enough times in a row on 8.0.x near the beginning to motivate an inconvenient change in my workflow to avoid the issue.

In case it’s relevant, all of this was in remote designers (it would be really unusual–to the point of it probably has never happened–to run a Designer on the server in our case).