As I build my project, I’ve been jotting things down that I’ve noticed and thought could be changed. First, don’t take these as complaints- I love Vision just as it is, and haven’t found anything I couldn’t do. Anyway, this is what I’ve noted:

  1. On the table customizer, if I use Icon mapping and already have an icon assigned, but then open the icon selection dialog and close it again, the original icon selection is lost and the row goes blank. Sometimes I just want to see what the selected icon looks like without actually selecting another one.
  2. Also in the table customizer, if I enter some rows in the translation map, and then uncheck the box, all of the rows disappear. Would it be possible to leave the rows there and enable/disable them with the checkbox? That way I could see if I would prefer to use text mapping or icon mapping.
  3. On the error dialog box, there is a button where you can scroll through the errors one at a time. Could you add a button to “go to last error”? Would be helpful when I’m blasted with a 100 or so at once. :slight_smile:
  4. Also on the error dialog, could we have the option of some kind of “cut to the chase” mode? For instance, if I have a sql query error, of which I confess there have been many, there is plenty of useful information, but 99.9% of the time all I really want to know is what it says down there in the middle (you know, something like “No column named xyz…”). If the verbosity could be dialed down as an option, that would be nice.
  5. Also on the error box, can it be made bigger, or at least retain the size it was the last time I resized it? And how about if it remembered that the last time I got an error, I clicked on “show detaiils”? This would speed up development.
  6. This is really minor, but under the component sripting window, it would be nice to have a button that brings up “help”. Most of the time I don’t realize I needed help until I’ve written code, so I end up commenting it out and closing the window, opening help, and then coming back (I know, I should learn, but you know how it is). Or even better, in the little expandable window at the bottom, how about including a little library of the “most useful” hints that we can copy and paste from. I kind of built up my own hint box in textpad with stuff like “system.dataset.toPyDataSet(data)”, but having it right there in the component scripting window would be better, and gives us the next best thing to auto-completion.

I’ll be quiet now. :slight_smile: Congrats on Ignition. I was hesitant in the beginning to switch from fpmi right in the middle of development, but it is a huge leap forward.

These are all good suggestions. The error box in particular needs some serious re-writing. We’ll get to these as time permits.