Changes made to a project vanishes

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Does anybody here experience all the work done the previous day all gone the next day? I've been having this problem a few times now, where changes to my projects vanish or revert to a previous version. Everything was saved and tested the previous night only to find out the next day that all of my progress is now gone. and most of the fixed bugs came back.

Same as the IO scanners. Inhibit was set to true, but at some point the inhibit was set to false again.

Does anything about this make sense? What should I do to prevent this from happening?

Are you talking about Ignition?

Are there multiple people working on this concurrently? More than one designer session open?



No. There was only 1 designer open that time.. we work 2 shift day and night.. the work done by night shift was gone mid day of the next day..

The only time I have ever seen this, it was caused by one designer overwriting the other. What I imagine happening is that your shifts overlap a bit, so that dayshift opens their designer before nightshift has saved. Then, at some point during the shift, they save without importing changes from the gateway. The other possibility would be that somebody restores from a backup, and consequently, all changes since the backup are lost.

I have forced myself to always merge before saving when multiple people are developing.

It is especially crucial for items like page configs for example, which don’t get a lock when they are being modified. Last person to save wins and work can be lost for sure.


Well, when the day shift started everything was fine and running until around noon. everything changed. What the morning shift was monitoring data that's all.

So is not a bug right? i was thinking about some other person outside our team who keeps making these rollbacks and not saying anything..

I was just making sure that this is not a ignition problem before accusing anybody lol..

Yeah.. I know right? We always make sure to review the This designer vs Gateway version before saving.. I just don't know how to handle other people..



There is a new module that integrates nicely. If something disappears there will be a trail with all the changes that can be recovered. If it is a merge issue, well solving merge issues is what git does well.

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Oh Thank you for this.. I'm gonna look into it..