Changing alert configuration settings from FPMI interface

I need to give end users ability to edit the FSQL OPC Item Alert Configuration settings, mainly analog trigger point and ack mode, from an FPMI client interface window. Is there any way to do this?

Yes - in the “Low Trigger” and “High Trigger” edit boxes for your analog alarm states, you can hit “CTRL-Space” and choose other items for those alarm trigger points, effectively making the configuration dynamic. You’d just then have to do the plumbing to give your users control over those other points.

If you were using SQLTags, you’d have this nice goodie already made for you that is expressly for the purpose of letting users edit tags’ analog alarm states.

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Is there a way to do this in Ignition? I want to allow the operators to add/modify alerts from the live project.

Yes, you can have dynamic low and high setpoints in Ignition as well where you can bind them to other SQLTags.

This nice goodie also works in Ignition

“this nice goodie” link is broken.

How do I upload a .fwin file into igntion?

This nice link should take you the extras download page. From there select the SQLTags Alarm Edit download under Legacy Products.

To get it into ignition, I created a project in FPMI, added the screens, saved and then imported the project into Ignition. During the import I selected only the project/screens I wanted. I could then move the (now) Ignition screens into my Ignition project.

I’d post them but I have heavily modified them for my customer. (Including translating them to French :open_mouth: )