Changing all bindings to remote tag provider

I have an ignition project where we are moving the project from a random PC to a true server. The only problem is we are also having to completely redo the network since they have about 6 different VLANs just for scada equipment. Until we’re ready to combine them, I’m temporarily having to use the existing Ignition “Server” as a remote tag provider, as that is the only computer that bridges those two VLANs!

I know that’s a little unclear, but long story short is I have my new Ignition Server that is using the Old Ignition Server as a remote tag provider. I would like to see all the existing screens on the new Ignition Server, but right now I’m having to edit each and every tag binding and change the path from PLC/TagName to [RemoteTagProvider]PLC/TagName.

Is there a streamlined why I can change all the tag bindings or I can change the default path to include the [RemoteTagProvider] without editing each binding? That way when I’m done I don’t have to go through each screen and UNDO all the work once the [RemoteTagProvider] is gone and no longer needed.

Using Ignition 7.9.8 x64 on Windows Server 2018 r2 all x64

In the project settings, you can change the default tag provider from the “local” tag provider over to the preferred “remote tag provider”. This has accomplished what I believe you are trying to do, for me.

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Thank you! I knew there was a straight-forward method that I was forgetting.