Changing allocated memory

Everything was great except for a high cpu usage so we decided to allow ignition to use more memory. It was 16GB and we boosted it up to 32GB by changing the config file in ignition folder/data. All hell broke loose and the performance went down horribly for some reason. The opc tags are coming on and off and Christmas came early to the server cpu. We put it back to 16 GB and it recovered partially but still worse than before the original edit. What did we do wrong?

This is not nearly enough information to diagnose properly - you should be in contact with our support department.

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What operating system? How much physical memory is there? Is virtual memory (page cache) configured? Is this a Virtual Machine? If yes, is the memory allocated for it dedicated to this VM? (AKA not overcommitted.)

Windows 10 Enterprise
44GB Physical Memory
Workstation dedicated not VM

What else is on the machine? (44GB physical is not enough in the machine to give 32 to Ignition, IMNSHO.)

You mean software? Nothing else but the Antivirus.

That’s ~9-10GB for the OS (after you take out the other Java stuff from the memory). If that’s all that’s running in the server, what’s the issue?

We turned off the Antivirus and everything went back to normal, so we added the workstation to a different group and it worked. Seems that Ignition for some reason invoked the antivirus when we changed the allocated memory.