Changing bindings of buttons

I have multiple folders of tags for multiple stations (Sta 10, Sta 20, etc.) I have a screen with a lot of buttons on it that I want to duplicate for each station, but all the bindings on that screen I want to change from the Sta 10 folder tags to the same tag name, but under Sta 20. Is there a way to change all of the bindings on a screen from one tag folder to another? Or, can I export them and modify in Excel and then import?


Ideally this would be done with a station template/view (Vision/Perspective) that you reuse for each screen. All the bindings in the template/view would be indirect bindings using a property/view parameter something like “rootTagPath” you’d set on the template/view to link the desired station’s tags.

But they are not all in the same project. Each station will be separate. I just want to develop one and modify rather than do the same thing for 15 different projects.

A template as suggested above would probably still be the best way to do this (even if the template is only used once per project). You may find this topic interesting if you choose to go the other way in Vision:

If this is in Perspective, you can Shift+Right-Click on the view and Copy JSON:
Paste the results into your text editor of choice and search/replace. Then Shift+Right-Click and Paste JSON back into a view.

Another option: use a separate tag provider for each station and change each project’s default tag provider. This effectively changes the tag path (provider) at the project level, so–assuming you have the same set of tags in each provider–you won’t need to change anything in the bindings.