Changing Default Launch Mode has no effect

I’m trying to get my project to launch in a windowed mode, so I get the close, maximize, minimize buttons. No matter what I set Default Launch Mode to, it doesn’t change. The project launches full screen every time.

Is there something I may have configured in this project that would override this setting?

How are you launching your project? Maybe the URL or command you are executing to launch the project is specifying the launch mode in it.

The first time I launched it from the gateway web page. After that it put a shortcut on my desktop, so I’ve been launching from that ever since. But just to make sure that shortcut wasn’t messing with me, I launched from the gateway web page and it acts the same no matter what.

Wait a second…

On the gateway web page, I just clicked the little down arrow next to “Launch”, and clicked “Standard”, and it opened in Windowed mode. What the hell? How would I have ever guessed to do that??? If I hadn’t just had to play around for an hour…