Changing Email address on Forums

I have an e-mail address that is linked to my previous employer that I’d like to update, but whenever I put in my new e-mail address on the forums and type in the same password I just used to login, it tells me the password is incorrect.

If I leave my e-mail address alone, it has no problem with my password. How can I update the linked e-mail?

Have you tried changing it through yet?

I think the forum accounts are now linked to that… If that doesn’t work I’ll have to wrangle up somebody on the web team that might know how it all works.

I have, it doesn’t even show me an option of changing e-mail there, but it does show me as being linked to a corporate account (my previous employer)

Were you ever able to get a hold of anyone? Who should I contact about this issue?

Can you send an email to detailing the issue?