Changing language on power chart headers

I am trying to use the localization feature to change language in my project. I am having trouble getting the power chart header labels to change. What is throwing me off is that it does change on the power chart settings view. As you can see in my screen shot.

I was wondering why the localization does not work on the headers and if there is a work around? I can't seem to find the headers as a binding on the properties of the power chart I only see the ability to hide/display them via the dataColumns prop under penControl

Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you supplied those terms to your Translation Manager, and then set the locale of the session to such a language as to trigger the translation? I just tested the headers myself, and they translate according to the terms we've set in that Gateway.

There was an issue with how translations worked on the Power Chart which was fixed in 8.1.23. Prior to 8.1.23, translations which did not ignore whitespace were prone to missing these columns as they actually have a trailing space. That space was removed in 8.1.23.


  1. Modify your translation rules to ignore whitespace.
  2. Add an additional term for each column which contains the extra space at the end.
  3. Upgrade to a version >= 8.1.23.

Thank you for the response I will try this as soon as I can and provide an update.

Upgrading to 8.1.24 fixed the issue. Thanks again!

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