Changing Modbus host IP

i have a modbus remote host on a 3G connection: dynamic IP! :confused:
it publishes its IP on my database, so i have to somehow update its IP via script in the builtin opc driver.
is it possible?
thank you

Sounds like it would be easier to solve your problem with a dynamic DNS service than trying to script the changes to the modbus driver.

This would be the way to go for now.

You’re not the first person to ask for the ability to change the Host property of a driver on the fly though, I’ll get to that eventually.

IMHO it is well worth paying the $1 for the static IP connection. :smiley:

i’ve gone :wink:

i think modbus IP editing by-script remains a necessary feature. i’ll request it to Feature Request area.

When drivers get the ability to have their hostname dynamically changed it will be via the existing Hostname tag, which you can then write to via a system.opc.writeValue or system.tag.writeToTag call.