Changing multiple elements of symbol [Perspective]

I’m trying to change the color of a valve in symbol factory matching on/off. To change the color, more than 20 elements need to be changed. Is there any smart way to do this?

With theme.css / css injection
But if you dont realy know anything about it its probably more work than changing a few properties

Not an easy solution, but one that can probably be reused once developed:
Make a recursive method that drills down into the elements property, finds the color props and changes the value. You’d probably have to account for different cases based on whether the input is an array or object etc… not so straight forward.

So what are you saying is to change all these elements manually? It would destroy my wrist if I do this with 10 valves :smiling_face_with_tear:
Is there any way to create a fill for the group of elements in the pic?

Bind the fill for the elements to a custom property, and then change the value of that custom property.

Duplicate the valve where needed.


well if you need a bunch of them then i guess theme.css might be easier
can you show me the valve and what you want to color?

Your solution works greate but the symbol is not on point as it was. :grinning:

Hi victordcq,
Are u able to click the imgbb? I couldn’t upload the image in the reply. Keeps saying error while uploading.
I’ve attached the imgbb below as well.
Untitled — ImgBB (

you have shown the valve but not what needs to change color, the blue?

the blue is done with gradients, which is quite a bit of work to change, instead you could use a filter
its also a bit of searching for the correct filter but it will be easier than changing all the gradients.

4 and 5 are the ones in blue

Note it doesnt seem like the designer can handle filters so you should test out the correct value in the browser. with the inspector (no idea of the app can handle it)

Thanks Victor, your solution works great!

Due to the task requires many conditions such as on, off, off 1/2, and 3/4. So I might stick with the perspective valve. Even though the perspective valve looks like a manual valve, not pretty as the symbol factory one :smiling_face_with_tear:

its not to hard to put a binding on the 2 filters to change colors, but yea, its just a symbol