Changing Navigation Strategy

I was looking for a way to easily change the navigation strategy for a project. When I created it I selected the Tab Strip strategy but now I believe I will need more navigation options and therefore want to change to the 2 Tier strategy. I have only been able to find the option to select the navigation type in one place, and that is when creating a new project from the designer. In the dialog it provides a Project Template selection. This selection provides a number of options but I have found no way to change this after the project has been created.

Is there a way to do this without having to create a new project with the desired strategy and do exporting/importing?


Instead of exporting and importing all of your objects to the new project, just copy the navigation objects from the new project to your existing project. It’s not a completely clean change over but minimizes your effort and opportunities for problems.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. That is what I was saying. No it isn’t difficult but it would be nice if there were a way to change it more on the fly.


Yes! I agree completely!

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