Changing parameters Template Cavans Customizer in Vision

Hello guys!

Does anybody know if it is possible to change the Parameter of a Template Canvas Customizer field, for know it is a static field, so the text I type is always the text in the template. But I want a variable text based on different motors.

When I select motor 1, it opens a pop-up, in the pop-up is a template canvas which shows in this case different buttons. So for this test i tried a label that shows the actual motor in the template cavas, based on the selected motor. For example, if I select motor 1, i want a label with the text motor 1, and if I select motor 2, the text has to change to motor 2.

Any help to solved this is welcome!

Regards Remco

You’ll need to use a cell update binding from memory to change the value. I haven’t used canvas in ages though

Yes i fixt it!