Changing Partition Schedule On a Running Historical Provider

Our IT has been going thru recently lowering our partition from monthly to weekly. This is great although we’ve had one instance where the historian didn’t recover after this change or shortly thereafter and stopped working. In the beginning I wanted to just make new providers nonetheless I’ve been tasked with making an AAR for this event.

First of all is there any official IA guidance on this?
Is it supported? Will it just start a new partition? It doesn’t rewrite or move around partitions, seems like…

So looking in the DB…

Note: Still trying to figure out when the actual change was made.

Basically what happened starting 3/30 or 4/1… It stopped saving data…

On the 11th I restarted the historian module, after trying to manually fix it… Change start or end time in partition table then back to original.

It then went out and created all the April tables (I guess from static tag values?) and started saving data again. Unfortunately what was lost was lost.

Since I see a 2022_03 table I know we had monthly partitioning in the month of March(I think). However our claim from IT is that its been on weekly partition since Q4 of 21.

Might want to contact support for this.

Hi Wildbilly,

Does this issue been resolve? We are experiencing the same issue as well.

Did you also contact the support?


    You’ll need to updated or edit the Partitions start and end date.