Changing properties of the pump perspective component state

I am trying to change the color of some of the states on the pump that is located in the perspective components tab.

My changes are taking place while the pump is in the default state, but I do not see any way to change the pump to any other color while the pump state is running. It will force a white fill color on the pump.

Is there any way to modify properties (fill color, etc.) of when the pump is in a certain state?

Picture is of pumps with the same properties, except one is in the state default and one is in the state running.


The colors are defined as CSS variables. In Windows you can find that at "C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\modules\com.inductiveautomation.perspective\themes\light\variables.css".

    /* Symbols */
    --symbolFill--default: var(--neutral-40);
    --symbolFillAnimation--default: var(--neutral-50);
    --symbolStroke--default: var(--neutral-70);
    --symbolFill--running: var(--white);
    --symbolFillAnimation--running: var(--neutral-50);
    --symbolStroke--running: var(--neutral-70);
    --symbolFill--stopped: var(--neutral-40);
    --symbolStroke--stopped: var(--neutral-70);
    --symbolFill--faulted: #FAB6B6;
    --symbolStroke--faulted: #B80D0D;

Note that these use Perspective theme colors which will automatically switch when selecting light or dark themes.

Your green pump may be a bit out of date. High performance HMI standards seem to be promoting

  • Running: white
  • Stopped: dark grey
  • Default: transparent
  • Fault now seems to using an alarm icon beside the device.

The recommendation is to keep the color muted and use it judiciously to highlight out of range conditions.

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Also note directly changing standard css theme files like the light theme is bad practice and your changes will be wiped upon version upgrade. You should create your own css theme to modify these