Changing Report Table Text Colour Based on Value

I am currently creating several reports with tables and would like to be able to change the text colour based on the value (above or below a certain numeric value I would like to change the colour from black to red). I see text colour is a property, but see no way to bind/script the colour. I only see a way to manually change the colour in the Property Inspector. Is there any way to modify text colour based on parameters such as text value? I’m not even sure it’s even possible due to the text being a string and not a numeric value.

Check out

Particularly the section on conditional keychain expressions:

#If the value of the "myValue" key is greater than 5, a blue color will be returned. Otherwise, a green color will be used.
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Thank you for the help!


Is it possible to put a RGB or Hex color in keychain expression ?
I would like to create a dynamic fill color.