Changing scaling changes quality

Version 7.2.10 SQLtags external provider.

Tag was COMM_FAIL. I modified the scaling, clicked ok, and the tag changed to GOOD.


Actually, looking at the DB, the tag dataintergrity is still 24 and the valuechange time is still yesterday.

Is the tag being driven by your app? I can mock this up and see, but if you have other bad quality tags, does simply marking their “configchange” columns cause them to go good?

Sorry I missed this post til now!


The tag was in COM_FAIL which was correct. It is been updated by my app.

Other tags from the same device were also COM_FAIL and would stay that way if I updated the configchange.

As we were relying on an “undocumented feature” that has been “fixed” in 7.3, I’m going to mark this solved.