Changing Sign In Icon/Logo (Perspective)

Hi All,

Is there any way to change the default app icon on the “Sign In” page to something custom?

Thank You

Not at this time, no.

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He is right, however, its times like this the ideas page can make things a reality!


@cmallonee I see that this icon points to “/res/perspective/images/Icon-Perspective_64.png”.

Is it possible to in theory create a custom logo with the same filename and place it into the res/perspective/images folder? If so, do you know what the file path is on a windows system for this folder?

Thank you

No, because the res/perspective path points to a location inside a JAR file in the Perspective module; it’s not an actual image directly stored on disk anywhere.


OK that makes sense. Thanks @PGriffith

I found a way to change the logo on the ‘continue to login’ page (as shown in the original post) and on the ‘logged out page’… using CSS to replace images and backgrounds (Ignition v8.1.18). Note however it does not apply to the username/password entry pages.
See linked post:

Or… you could just use the new co-branding option found in 8.1.20: New Feature - Ignition & Perspective Co-Branding

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Quite right, though v8.1.20 is currently only available as release candidate.
Learned of that after my other posts, thanks.