Changing Style Properties on Multiple Styles Using One Reference

I am looking for a method to change a style property of multiple styles using one reference, like a tag or a start-up script, and I require some guidance.

In summary, I have created multiple devices in my project that I would like to use as templates (all created in perspective, as views). The devices are simple, only one component, like a Valve, Label, Drawing, but I would like to have a standard colour scheme for all the devices (white=active, grey=static, dark grey=inactive), therefore I am using styles. Issue I am facing is that the property that controls the colour of these devices are different (ex/ colour of the Valve is determined by "Shape->fill", while the colour of the Label is determined by the "Background->background-color").

I would like to know if there is a way to universally control multiple styles and multiple style properties using only one reference, like a tag. Ex/ I could create a memory tag called "Active_Colour", set the value to #00000000, and then somehow link it to Style_1 -> Background -> background-color, Style_2 -> Shape -> fill ... and so on.

Maybe it's not possible currently in Ignition 8.1, and there could be another method to achieve this.

Just create mutlipe styles, ones for your shapes, ones for your text, etc. You can use CSS theming to create CSS variables to hold your standard colour definitions and then reference these variables in your perspective styles using var(--var-name) so youre not using magic colours everywhere.
Take a look in the project themes folder on your gateway for a read me for getting started with theming

That makes sense, I forgot about the themes, I will try it out now and see how it works. Thank you!