Changing table row based on conditional statement

Hello, I am using a table in Ignition Designer and am looking for a way to change each individual row of the table based on a condition from an external source. The concept is pretty simple, if the value of the external source is 1, the row should be green, if its 0, the row should be red. Through the table properties, I have seen how to change all the rows to a single color. But no way to add logic to control the color of each individual row. Does anyone have an idea on how to do this? Thanks

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Have a look at the data structure of the default data in the table component. In particular look at the data structure for the Folsom cell which is coloured orange. You’ll see that the simple value is replaced by a dictionary of which one element is the value and others include the style.

Most of us will generate the dataset from a single SQL query and then use a script transform in the binding to apply styles as required.