Changing Tag Tree Browser Background & Font Colour

Could anyone assist if I could change the Tag Tree Browser Background and Font Colour. The current one is white background and font is black. I couldn’t find anything on the properties that I can change.

I need to change the Background to Black and Font to White. Appreciate if anyone could assist.


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the code below will do what you need, do take time to look to see how it works.

place it in the Script Editor/internalFrame/internalFrameOpened for the window the tag tree is in, you may have to modify the path to the component to make it work for you.

[code]from java.awt import Color
from javax.swing.tree import DefaultTreeCellRenderer

cellRenderer = DefaultTreeCellRenderer()
White = Color(255,255,255,255)
black = Color(0,0,0,255)
btr = system.gui.getParentWindow(event).getComponentForPath(‘Root Container.Tag Browse Tree’)


btr.viewport.view.background = black


I modified the code from this.

you can find more info on the Java tree renderer here

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Dear Chris Taylor,

Appreciate your help to solve what I need.

Thanks. :smiley:

Could you please help on how can I change folder, tag icon of tag browse tree?