Changing the color of the line on Power Chart

Hello everyone,

I will want to change the color curve depending on whether the value is in a target area (Green), close to a target area (Orange) or in an area an area to avoid (Red).

In the idea, I would like it to be like this image that I found on the Internet :

I am using a Power Chart.

By default if this is not possible, can I change the background color so that we can see the red, orange and green areas?
Like that :

Thank you in advance for your help.

i cant see the first picture.

I dont think there is a specific way to add in zones like that, but you can always wrap the grid in a container and put in empty containers with a background color behind it i guess

Ok, I will see if the superposition of container with the backgroung of a power chart is possible. Thanks Victor

Actually you can use gradients, then you dont really even need multiple containers. I would use just one tho, so you can add in an opacity if needed and to be able to size it better as the power chart is ‘bigger’ because if the bottom panel

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