Changing the header background color in a Power Table in Ignition 7.9.10

I have created a Power Table and I want to change the header background color.
I have tried some suggested scripts using the configureHeaderStyle, but am unable to get it to work?
Thanks, see table below.

Are you trying to change all of it the same or different colors for each?

I’m using the following, in configureHeaderStyles, to change all the headers one color:

from javax.swing import SwingConstants
return {'background': 'grey'}

That worked!
Thank you.
The problem now is the grid lines disappeared?

You can try something like:

	from javax.swing import SwingConstants
	from javax.swing import BorderFactory
	from java.awt import Color

	myBorder = BorderFactory.createLineBorder(Color(0,0,0))
	return {'background': 'grey', 'border': myBorder}

I just got a chance to try that suggestion and that worked also!!!
Thanks again, I really appreciate it.