Changing the Home Page

We have a client that is running 8 different Ignition gateways, and constantly adding more. We have been requested to add in some text onto the home page to identify which gateway they are connected to. I don’t need to have a new launch page altogether, just slightly tweak the existing Home Page so that the customer can easily distinguish what they are accessing.

I saw this here:
but it does not seem to be current as the web.html file mentioned does not look the same. Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks!

You can try adding a description to the project from the webpage config:

Go to: localhost:8088 (or wherever ignition is)
Click Configure
Click Configuration -> Projects
Click EDIT on the right for your project
Type in a Description and click SAVE

You can change the system name under Configure>Configuration>Gateway Settings. It is the first property. This will change the system name and it will appear on the web browser tab.