Chaning the Z-order of object in perspective dynamicly

I try base on the hovering change the z-index of objects in perspective so, they come to the front.
basically, I assign all objects z-index 0 and when I hover the mouse over them I change the z-index to 100. but it doesn’t work. The objects follows the designer z-order that user defines for them.
Is there any trick for this?

This would be much easier for you in the View Canvas. It’s non-trivial outside of that component.

I find that if I use z index value 1111111111111111 it works and change z order.
It seems designer order tools uses very high value.

I know that the popups have a z-index from 12560,
Unfortunaly z-index isnt the only thing that determines stacking in html, so its not a sure thing it works on everything.
Position is also important and ignition kinda seems to want to transform everything to “position:absolute”. So is order and components inside components…