Chart Cell Update Slowing Network

I’m new to this forum so please be paitent with me.

I’m currently using version 7.7.2-rc1 (b2014102314) of Ignition. I’m using an allenbradley Compactlogix and have a failly small scada. One of the main tasks is to display a graph of 500 points. The data is sent to the PLC via a UDP broadcast in varying packet sizes. I collate these and then send data as a (500x2) float point array to the scada. The default update time for all tags is 1000ms. I am using the standard chart and cell update to display the data ( x-axis being sample number ). This is presently so slow that not all the data is updated before a newset arrives, giving me a ghossting effect. I’ve tried slowing the poll rate down but even at 3sec the issue is still there.
Is there a better way of graphing this information ? The orignial data is sent in varying packet sizes of (5-50 points) Is it possible to read these points directly in and buildup a rolling 500 point graph inside Ignition ?
Any info would be much appreciated. :slight_smile: