Chart Challenge in 7.8.3

Does anyone have experience with placing a “cursor” of some sort on a chart that could be used to identify information about a trend at the cursor position?

We have been using a chart that has about 30 historical data trends that can be selected by the user according to what they want to see. The one piece of information missing in the historical data is the product code. Product code isn’t suited for a line chart, but we want to know what product line was running at any point in the trend. I can start saving that information, but need a way to associate it with the data displayed in the trend.

When you use the X-Trace feature, the timestamp associated with it is available as a chart property. You could bind a query to that.

Okay…makes sense and sounds like the function I was trying to find, but is there some documentation on how to use this feature? I’ve not turned up much in my search and learning by trial and error doesn’t seem to be getting me anywhere either. Help, please!

“Selected X Value” The appendices to the manuals are vital resources. (You should be opening the v7.8 manual right from your server.)